Building quality partnerships and grounded relationships.

Collaboration and teamwork are foundational pillars of our community, corporate, state, and local government partnerships. The 7 Principles of Partnership below exemplify our fundamental commitment to ensuring that our engagement is ethical, innovative, and rooted in the spirit of teamwork.

Principle #1Understanding partner needs, goals, and challenges

Principle #2Aligning strategies, resources, and operational mechanisms with partner values

Principle #3Building collegial relationships focused on outcomes

Principle #4Providing business solutions that are meaningful, reliable, and process-oriented

Principle #5Promoting shared values of honesty, integrity, and ethical responsibility

Principle #6Communicating with respect, professionalism, and with regard for business and community culture

Principle #7Upholding the ethic of care, transparency, cultural diversity, equity, and fairness in all business practices

Summit Learning Institute® Is A Certified Minority-Owned Business

We are happy to announce that Summit Learning Institute® has been certified by ByBlack and the U.S. Chambers, Inc. (USBC) as a Minority-Owned Business and Black-Owned Business!